Business English Englisch Seminar

Better English in 

a New York Minute!

As the saying goes, "anything can happen in a New York minute". A New York minute is 60 seconds just like every other, but the diversity, energy, and expertise NYC affords can create opportunity at a rate beyond compare.
Have you ever wondered what you could achieve, if you applied this to your English-learning?

Englisch lernen English teaching

My Services

1-on-1, groups, Beginners-Advanced learners, Business English, Matura students, test-prep, conversation, translations - I have experience and interest in doing it all!

Lernmethoden Englisch English methods


Would you like to limit the translation and thinking about English you do in your head? My methods will help you remember vocabulary more easily and think in English.

Andrew Small

About me

Born and bred in the Big Apple and currently living in Linz.